My name is Ademola Adetunji and I am the GMD/CEO MO GROUP LIMITED, I am going to share with you a short story of my journey from a homeless man to building a multimillion Naira business through Real Estate land banking.

If you pay attention and READ this STORY I am about to tell you and take action, you will BE ON YOUR WAY TO BECOMING A MILLIONAIRE SOON!

Do millionaires take risks?

Self-made millionaire Risk Takers were among the wealthiest in my study, with an average net worth of $7.4 million. Being a Risk Taker is only for the bold and courageous. It's the high-risk path to wealth accumulation. It requires courage, persistence, cunning and a hard core work ethic, the likes of  Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga , Otedola and many more are risk takers

Many of you would have read my story about how much time I have failed before I became wealthy through land banking and I will keep saying it so you know that you too can become wealthy.

I have received many inbox questions before my old Facebook account was deactivated by Facebook because I had a back up account and I have granted interviews both for Nigerian and Europe media.

One common question people were asking  me was, how did I manage to do it  from being a homeless dishwasher to having a multi million naira business  in Logistics, Real estate, Dry cleaning  and others?

My answer was simple, I put God first and I invest aggressively.

I have lived in a 2 by 2 metres room and I have also been homeless, so I know what poverty is.


Poverty is seeing a brown leave on the ground and hoping that it can become money.


God rewrote my story but I was prepared  to take risks , I was prepared to see the next phase of life. Are you ready and prepared too?



The opportunity came , while I was abroad,  someone told me about land banking in Kwara state, I jumped on it without seeing it , I paid .

That risk I took , changed my story. Back then I couldn't even afford what I needed.

But today I can now afford what I want, not only what I need.

All because I never saw failure in the opportunity that showed up, I took the risk.


I bought a Sqm 555 Naira x 540SQM = 300k
and sold it for 3M Naira between a year, that was huge right?

let me shock you!


I reinvested the whole 3M in buying another piece of land  in Lagos and waited for another one year then made a total sum of 5M, so I had 8M in cash.

That was MY REAL ESTATE startup capital .


Today the land is being sold at 15M that is = 28k per Sqm, if i will be selling those land today, I will make 14,700,000 Naira profit on each land.
Can you see the differences ?
That’s how a small amount uninvested to buy a small land  can make you a millionaire or even a billionaire.
In Dubai, there are areas where a  square meter of land is  sold for 4M  equivalent or more and people buy just a square meter for keep (investment) purposes and sell when it appreciates.

Let me ask you this,

Are you going to start living your dream or you still want to live the way you are right now, and what kind of life you want to live in future?
"The decision you make today will determine the kind of life you will be living tomorrow"
So will you rather Buy a square meter of land at only N2,950, would  you waste this amount  or let it work for you.

A full plot is N1,500,000, we are offering you an opportunity to buy in square meter so you can buy what you can afford.


If you risk N2,950 Naira , you won’t die and if you don’t , you will spend it.
That urgent 3k can build a future for you, you can buy as many square meter as you wish.
Even if you buy one Sqm , you are a land owner.
Generally, people become wealthy by taking calculated risks. They see risk as an opportunity to make money!

Buy a SQM at N2,950!